Feel the tingling in the stomach

Do you also know this wonderful tingling sensation in the stomach when you dash down the slope? Tubing is a lot of fun – with 5 as well as 55. It’s wonderful that it MR. SNOW’s Textile toboggan runs are available. This means that tobogganing pleasure is not reserved for the winter time, but can also start in summery temperatures.

Your advantages

  • Textile toboggan run in different versions
    • as a run with curves, waves, jumps incl. gang
    • as a large area
    • as a free-standing ramp
  • Individual route lengths and courses
  • Including cover-protecting tubing tires
  • Highest speed like on real snow
  • High security
  • Minimal operating costs thanks to high-tech material
  • Robust, wear-resistant material with 5-10 years of service life
  • Dirt and water repellent surface