MR.SNOW holds the breath

Danish freestyle skiers compete on textile dry slope

Skiing in the middle Kopenhagen is a rarity. But when Jesper Tjäder and Oscar Wester, two of the world‘s best freestyle skiers, have announced to come, snow will be available.

In addition to the artificial snow, the snow carpet from MR.SNOW was rolled out. The two Swedes showed off their skills and did not just amaze passers-by: you do not get to see a backflip over a 10-metre-wide fountain every day.

More spectacular photos of the flying visit of the world’s best freestyle skiers are available on, an association of Danish freestyle enthusiasts.

Daring jumps, breathtaking flips and spins, casually sliding over obstacles – watching the performance of freestyle skiers is absolutely fascinating.

Competing themselves with like-minded is just as important to young people as regular training. The Danish freestyle skiers also organize their competitions themselves, e.g. the Black Snow Rail Jam Kopenhagen.