Skiing in any weather

Who is behind Mr. Snow? The founders Jens Reindl, Arndt Schumann and Felix Neubert, as well as their clientele, combine the love of winter sports. All three are certified DSV snow sports instructors and like to push the edges into the slope, where Jens is a passionate snowboarder, Arndt mastered the old art of telemarking and Felix’ heart beats for cross-country skiing.

So take this passion and combine it with in-depth technical know-how and engineering knowledge. They use their expertise to roll out for their customers the white carpet 365 days a year. Together they continuously develop the Textile dry slopes, advise all those interested in upcoming projects and ensure the individual scalability of the products.

Innovation Made in Germany

Chemnitz advertises with the slogan “City of Modernity”. It is no wonder that the founders of the Textile dry slope Jens Reindl, Arndt Schumann and Felix Neubert also all studied at the TU Chemnitz. When they meet again, the success story of Textile snow as a fun and sports product begins .

Chronicle of a success story

In 2008 Jens Reindl and Arndt Schumann meet again after their studies. At this time, Jens is already working in the textile industry and Arndt works at the university as a scientist. While they visit the World Cup ski-jump in Klingenthal, Saxony, they come up with an idea: What ski jumpers can do in summer, must also be possible for skis and snowboards!

The trip goes on. England, as a traditionally snow-poor country, was the first which used a plastic piste for training and competition purposes. Jens and Arndt visit the facilities in England and see great potential for improvement. Generally too dull and slow all visited slopes must be watered or oiled in addition, which has many disadvantages for operators and drivers. Because it not only incurs additional costs, you also come back with wet and dirty clothes. In addition, injuries can occur even in light falls. Here comes the Textile snow into play. It would be highly lubricious, safer thanks to the closed surface and would also save operating costs.

In 2009, Jens and Arndt combine their knowledge of snow sports and material science to work on their textile recipe for success: a sliding mat on which the ski glides faster than on fresh snow and which works even where snow cannons fail. Together with the TU Chemnitz and funding from the Federal Ministry of Economics, they are starting a 3-year research project.

In 2012, the equally passionate mountaineer Felix completes the team, which already gained its first experience with the Textile dry slope at the TU Chemnitz.
He brings his expertise for cross-country skiing and technical sports equipment and is now responsible for the production of mats.

In 2013, professional ski instructors of the United Ski School Oberwiesenthal have tested how the artificial ski slope compares to real snow. Only after their positive feedback, the start-up is founded. Since then, the ski mats have been continuously developed. MR.SNOW now advises clients such as fun and slopestyle parks, ski schools, lift operators, event organizers, ski halls, tubing tracks, leisure and holiday parks.

In 2016, the production of sliding mats will be brought into the own company. Thanks to specialized machines and specialized personnel, the complete production line is now in one hand. All MR.SNOW products are “Made in Germany”.

In 2018 MR.SNOW succeeds in entering the Chinese market.

In 2019 MR.SNOW launches the third generation of Textile snow thanks to new production technology. The new material EVO impresses above all by a softer surface and even better edge hold.

MR.SNOW’s Textile snow is reliable in all weather conditions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, France and other European countries. The high-tech products from Saxony have even made it to Dubai and Japan.